Client    Strava
Year        2020

First impressions of Tokyo’s vast urban landscape can be overwhelming, often filled with a stereotypical view of the most populated city on earth. But beyond the bright lights, concrete and relentless sounds there’s a green side to the metropolis many have never experienced.

In an attempt to rediscover Tokyo’s green spaces and its trees. Lucas Badtke- Berkow and his wife Kaori, editors of Japanese travel and lifestyle magazine ‘Papersky’, meticulously planned a trail over six months of research and discovery through Tokyo’s unique and ancient trees to reflect its deep cultural history.

The route literally spirals through the city on a 60km course, passing through some of the busiest areas yet remaining calm. Avoiding busy roads where possible, opting for quieter, more idiosyncratic backstreets. The courses six sections are open to be cycled, hiked or run and can be explored over as many days as you like or dipped into for a single stage depending on how much of Tokyo’s historic and gastronomic culture you want to sample.

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